You have less than 3 seconds to impress a website visitor.

Your website is your salesperson 24/7 - and if it's not functioning properly or doing it's job to CONVERT visitors to LEADS, then you're missing SO MUCH opportunity!

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"Dani helped me set strategic goals, answered a thousand of my questions, and gave me some inside tips and tricks that have been the biggest encouragement! I felt like Dani met me exactly where I was in my business and was SO supportive and generous throughout each of our sessions. She is the best accountability partner I could have asked for. I love her heart for photography and her desire to pour back into photographers that are new and growing. No question was off limits! We tackled editing, client interaction, marketing, and so much more. If you are looking for a mentor that will help you grow your business and be a support system to you, Dani is your girl! I think maybe the best thing about this was gaining a new friend!! 

- bethany k.

"I loved having Dani as my mentor! I seriously learned so much in just the small amount of time we had together. Dani was always very thorough, listened and helped with even the smallest things, she had patience and was just a super fun person to get to know and talk to! I know that with the tools she gave me I will be able to continue growing my business and improving my photography and I am so glad that I did this mentorship with her! I highly recommend to not only photographers who are starting out in their careers but even photographers who have been doing this for a while but need that extra boost or advice for their business! Thank you so much Dani!!!"

- Gretchen Granka

A 4 hour LIVE workshop where we will go through the top things to include in your website for conversion, selling to higher paying clients, and being found on Google - all while I critique YOUR websites!



What is it?

Introducing The Website Winnning Workshop - a 4 hour LIVE workshop where we will go through the top things to include in your website for conversion, selling to higher paying clients, and being found on Google. AND I’ll spend TWO HOURS critiquing your OWN websites!

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Let me guess...

You have NO idea what messaging and images to include on your website to help portray your brand and get those higher paying clients.

Building out a successful website feels like a guessing game: 

The beast that is trying to be found on Google and optimizing for the best results just always seems a bit far-reaching and scary to actually implement on your website.

Implementing good SEO is confusing:

Maybe you’re not good at writing your copy, or aren’t sure how to best communicate what sets you apart from the competition.

Communicating your brand messaging seems impossible: 

Be found on page 1 of Google



Start attracting your IDEAL clients


Book higher paying clients that match your values


Have a beautiful website that CONVERTS


KNOW how to implement good SEO 


Understanding your website analytics



What this workshop ISN'T:

This is NOT an online course.

This is also not a free webinar.

Instead, this is an easy buy-in workshop that is created to bring you FURTHER value than just a freebie. I want you to have ACTUAL results for your website at the end of this workshop!

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Having a background in web design and being certified with Google analytics has made me uniquely qualified to teach about this.

Meet your Host:

I WENT FROM WORKING 3 part-time JOBS I hated,
TO going full-time and MAKING 6 FIGURES IN 1 YEAR.

I went from relying ONLY on Instagram to drive my leads for photography, to now Google being one of my TOP performing platforms for driving traffic. It’s made me over $20k in bookings within just a few months to put it in perspective - HIGH paying clients!
AND I don't have to work 40+ hours a week to get it done.

And I want to teach you how I did it.

Hey, I'm Dani!

COPY 101:

How to find & communicate your brand message 

Step 1

good design vs. bad design - the basics of web design

Step 2


SEO crash course and how to implement onto your site easily

Step 3

live website critiques of real websites - your websites!

Step 4

What we'll cover LIVE in 4 hours:

I can promise you, you will walk away with PRACTICAL advice to apply to your website, with action items and tools to help you get started - no matter where you’re at in the website building process.

i'm ready!



This is the checklist you'll need as you build out your important website pages. It also discusses the importance of what to include, and how to do it!

Brand messaging is SO important to have on your website. This guide walks you through how to find YOUR brand messaging, and how to communicate it!

Going beyond just an "aesthetic" website - but actually a functioning one for your users. This guide goes through what makes a functioning and converting website!

okay i'm in!

The cost:

Website Pages Checklist (Value $30)

Brand Messaging Worksheet (Value $15)

The User Friendly Website Manual (Value $30)

Website Mentorship/Lecture (Value $500)

Personal Website Critique (Value $500)

total value = $1,075

today's price =  $47

yes, i need this!


will this be recorded?

Yes! The playback will be available in a link that will be sent to you via email after the LIVE has ended. 

Will access to the recording expire?

Nope! You'll have lifetime access to the recorded live for an unlimited time!

will you critique my website?

The selection of websites that will be selected will be determined during the live call in a lottery/raffle type selection. 

However! If you get a friend to sign up with you, you will get more entries for a chance to have your site critiqued!

Is it really only $47??

Yep! It's only $47! The reason behind that is because there is going to be SO MUCH value in this workshop, that it's too good for it to be free. But also, I want the people who sign up to be FULLY committed to improving their websites - because that's going to be the only way you see results!

Building a website that CONVERTS and that’s SUCCESSFUL doesn’t have to be impossible, and it doesn’t have to cost $4k+ to do it.

ok, ok, i'm in!



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