Are you not getting the dreamy photography clients you want - or clients at all?

The Photography Business Mastermind is ALL ABOUT how to get more of those ideal clients, and run your business in an efficient way so you can focus on living the life of your dreams.

ok, i need this

"Dani helped me set strategic goals, answered a thousand of my questions, and gave me some inside tips and tricks that have been the biggest encouragement! I felt like Dani met me exactly where I was in my business and was SO supportive and generous throughout each of our sessions. She is the best accountability partner I could have asked for. I love her heart for photography and her desire to pour back into photographers that are new and growing. No question was off limits! We tackled editing, client interaction, marketing, and so much more. If you are looking for a mentor that will help you grow your business and be a support system to you, Dani is your girl! I think maybe the best thing about this was gaining a new friend!! 

- bethany k.

"I loved having Dani as my mentor! I seriously learned so much in just the small amount of time we had together. Dani was always very thorough, listened and helped with even the smallest things, she had patience and was just a super fun person to get to know and talk to! I know that with the tools she gave me I will be able to continue growing my business and improving my photography and I am so glad that I did this mentorship with her! I highly recommend to not only photographers who are starting out in their careers but even photographers who have been doing this for a while but need that extra boost or advice for their business! Thank you so much Dani!!!"

- Gretchen Granka

We hear it all the time - that we can run the business of our dreams all while working with our dreamy ideal clients.

But how EXACTLY do we even get those ideal clients to find us, let alone book us? 

And how the HECK do we run a business that allows us to live our lives in financial freedom, but also have that nice work/life balance?

the ghosting game is too real.

Let's be real: we HATE it when we get that dream inquiry, and then they end up ghosting us. Like, WHYYYYY does that happen, right? What if I told you there's a better way to prevent the ghosting from happening. Let's try and get that response rate higher, and get you booking 80% of your potential clients that hop on a meeting (speaking from experience within my OWN business - I've seen what works!)

booking our ideal client seems rare.

Maybe you're getting inquiries, but none of them seem to be work that you're excited about. Trust me, I get it. After shooting big weddings for 4 years and ONLY wanting to now shoot elopements, making that transition taught me a lot about how to reach more of those clients looking to elope. And trust me - it's possible to reach those people and start getting more of those dreamy bookings you long for!

It's possible to book those dream clients you've always wanted.

It's possible to lower your ghosting rate to where it hardly happens to you anymore. 

It's possible to run a business without having to be a workaholic.

It's possible to have financial freedom running the business that you love running.

I know this, because I did it. 

Trust me when I tell you, that it's possible.

then i went from booking only big weddings to only adventurous elopements in 6 months.

My Story?

I WENT FROM WORKING 3 part-time JOBS I hated,
TO going full-time and MAKING 6 FIGURES IN 1 YEAR.

Now, I have financial freedom (making more than I need to live) working with my dream clients and traveling the world while I do it.

AND I don't have to work 40+ hours a week to get it done.

And I want to teach you how I did it.

Hey, I'm Dani!

And this isn't just any online course...

this is a course that helps you build the business that you've always wanted

What is it?

If you're new to starting your photography business, or you've been at it for a while and you still have SO many questions and just need help, then this is for you!

I'll teach you how to set strategic goals to help you grow the monetization of your business (so you can start making more money!), and so you can FINALLY take back your business, and get back on track to those big dreams of yours!

This is a self-paced online course with over 10 hours of education, and 20+ video lectures from yours truly. 

We will plan out your goal structure, talk about the BEST marketing strategies, how to price yourself, how to set boundaries, best business practices and workflow, and so much more!

Not only that, but you'll also get EXCLUSIVE access to our Elite Facebook Group where you'll get even more resources and monthly LIVE follow-ups from me! 

What we'll cover in 20+ videos:

Module one


- The Importance of Why (The heart of your business)

- Finding Your Why

- Communicating Your Why

- Completing Your Brand 



- Financial Report - a Look at Your Current Finances

- Structuring Your Financial and Business Goals

- Getting Legal with Contracts and Taxes

- Planning Your To-Do Lists and Work Hours 

MODULE three


- How to Market to Your Ideal Client

- Social Media Marketing Best Practices

- Building Your Website to Get Found on Google 



- Manual Settings Explained

- Composition and Creativity

- The Most Efficient Photography Workflow

- The Power of Automation

- How to Avoid Getting Ghosted, and How to Get Them to Sign



- The Power of Outsourcing and Hiring Help

- Backing Up & Organizing Your Photos

- Tips for Diversifying Your Income

- *A Personal One-on-One Call With Dani 

- Defining Your Identity

- Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

You'll also get:

5 of my pdf guides!

If you're struggling with how to price yourself, and what to put in your pricing guide, this guide goes through it all - including my all-to-famous pricing formula!

The basics of SEO and how to actually practically apply it to your business through your website, Pinterest, and more.

When setting your goals and structuring for the long-term, this is the structure that I use - in a worksheet!

The questionnaire template that I send to my brides when we are 40 days out from their wedding or elopement. 

The questionnaire template that I send to my brides as soon as they book, so I can get to know them better and also start planning their elopement!

okay i'm in!

Wouldn't it be nice to:

know how to book higher paying clients that are your ideal client

sign me up!

have the blueprints on how to make enough money to support your life and give you financial freedom

have an easy and sustainable business model that allows you more freedom to live your life

a community of photographers to network WITH, and a bunch of free resources and exclusive LIVE follow-ups from Dani

The cost:

SEO Crash Course Guide (Value $30)

How to Structure Your Pricing Guide (Value $30)

Goal Setter Worksheet (Value $15)

Client Email Templates (Value $47)

Client Questionnaire Templates (Value $47)

20+ videos, 10+ hours of lectures (Value $997)

BONUS: Free access to monthly LIVE lectures in the Facebook Group (Value $97)

total value = $1,263

today's price =  $550

yes, i need this!

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