We’ve got a very special announcement today, and I wanted to dive into it a bit further for you because – it’s big news!

We are OFFICIALLY rebranding to the “photography business podcast”!

I’m going to tell you what that means for the future of Rooted, the PBV (vault) and also describe in detail our goals and dreams behind this new direction that we are taking our education platform. It’s exciting, it’s new, it’s scary – and with that comes a lot of learning and growing so friend, I’m here with you in this as we take on this next new step!

The inspiration behind The Photography Business Vault

After our launch of the Photogrpahy Business Vault in May, we’ve seen a HUGE demand for people wanting more affordable, quality education – and I’ve also seen a need for educators to get their content out there in a better way. Essentially, that’s why i created the vault.

In full transparency, the vault’s business model at the core is a win-win-win for everyone. A win for our students to have QUALITY education from top industry experts, a win for the industry experts sharing their knowledge (because they get paid to have their course featured or their knowledge shared in a course), and a win for me and my business as I run the entire operation as well.

It’s such a God thing that this came about because truly, I see it becoming something so beautiful for EVERYONE in the industry, and it’s growing at a consistent rate daily. 

Because of that, I knew that we had to change the way somethings were running. 

For starters, I have Rooted Workshop. This was my main education platform. But every since the Vault was created, I knew that THIS was going to be where the brunt of our free education – on socials and email – should be broadcasted. 

And frankly, while The Rooted Creative Podcast served its purpose with it’s name, it was still very vague to those who had no idea what Rooted was. 

That’s where my team and I brainstormed and sat down to figure out the actual chart (and yes, I mean ACTUAL chart) on the hierarchy of where everything falls under within our educational content. 

Here’s the breakdown!

It felt like Rooted was competing with the Vault in a way. So that’s where the brilliance came in to play.

We first new that because the Vault has some BIG things coming for it over the next couple years as we continue to grow and add more courses, we wanted our podcast to be aligned with that as well. So naturally, the name of the show needed to change.

The Photography Business Podcast made the most sense – because it’s so straightforward about what it is, it’s niched to SPECIFICALLY photographers (which is what our education is aimed at), and it matches our main educational offering of the PBV. It’s consistent, clear, and;… no one was using it yet! So we jumped on it.

I previously asked our Facebook group if they could help us with a name – and SO MANY of you participated in giving us wonderful suggestions. But ultimately, after praying about it and realizing the direction of our platform, we knew that this was the best route of action.

Where do Rooted Workshops fall?

Now, you’re probably wondering where Rooted Workshops fall into play here. And I’m here to tell you that they aren’t going anywhere, so don’t worry! They will still be offered every year, BUT only one workshop a year will be held at this time.

Previously, we’ve offered our Rooted Socal/Utah workshops, and then our big fall workshop somewhere new. After becoming a mom of two, my time has been pretty limited in the work day to what I can focus on. 

So naturally, I wanted to really hone my focus in on the things that were making the biggest impact for not only our community, but also my business. ANd I just felt a bit spread thin hosting two workshops a year – which is why our normal fall workshop has been postponed to 2024. 

And because I’ve wanted to focus and really devote the most time to really only as few things as possible, I decided that photography and the vault were going to be my focuses for my businesses.

And here’s where Rooted Workshop comes into play. Because the Vault is such a community oriented offering, it felt right to make our Workshops a part of the Vault as in-person meet up opportunities. 

Does this mean you HAVE to be in the Vault to attend Rooted? No. But does this also mean that if you are a current Vaulter you get a special rate to attending our events? Yes!

Why? Well, because we know that in order to create a community that’s supporting each other, when we meet up in the vault every month on our live calls, we get to meet our students every month and see their faces. Our students are also getting to know each other as well. Because of this, having in person workshops FOR our Vaulters is just another step to truly cultivate an amazing community of like-minded photographers loving and supporting each other. 

Think of Rooted Workshops as a place to FINALLY meet up with your life-long insta pals (or should I say, “Vaulter” pals!)

Rooted isn’t going anywhere, it’s just changing a bit of where our audience priorities are. My recommendation if you want to be a part of our Rooted WOrkshop next year is to get involved in the Vault! Because not only is Rooted made for YOU, but it’s also a place where you can start engaging with other photographers that you’ll meet up soon.

At it’s core Rooted workshop is still the same. We value community, faith-based & business lectures (although not required), beautiful elopement photography sessions in the most stunning places in the world, quality time bonding with your fellow photographers and instructors, and so much more. For more on what takes place at our workshops, head to Episode 148: “Get the Scoop on Rooted Workshops from Previous Attendees: The Raw, the Real, and the Truth about Rooted Workshops”. You’ll hear first hand from our previous students about what they think.

All this to say, Rooted isn’t going anywhere – it’s just shifting a bit to be under the vault.

Confused? We’ll break it down even further!

To close, I wanted to give you a visual of where the hierarchy of our educational platform lies:

At the top, we have the Photography Business Podcast – offering you FREE education on a weekly basis, and collaborating with industry experts on topics that you love to hear from.

Underneath that, we want you to take the first step towards getting involved – whether thatis’ in the FB community (which is now the Photography Business Podcast Community), or signing up for our email list for free education and podcast episode suggestions in your inbox weekly.

Next, when you’re ready to take the leap and dive in further, we have the Photography Business Vault. To recap, this is a membership that you can enroll for at the end of every month when it reopens, and you can watch a bunch of courses created by myself and other industry leaders like Nathan Chanski, Dallin Hassard, Sunny Social Collective (hannah hoffman), and Rachel Traxler (with us adding 2-3 new ones every quarter). This is where you pay to dive deeper into topics we touch on the podcast – for a FULL comprehensive look at the topics you want to learn more about like SEO, Instagram, Google Ads, Editing, Booking Inquiries, and more.

And finally, underneath that we have our Rooted Workshops. While anyone can technically sign up for Rooted, we want this to REALLY be an opportunity for our Vaulters to come together and have fun learning, shooting, and engaging IN PERSON. The core message of Rooted hasn’t changed either, but we would LOVE for our Vaulters to jump on the opportunity to join us in person at our workshops.

And essentially, that’s it! So what are we updating? Well, our instagram handle has changed to @Photobusinesspodcast , our Facebook Group has changed to “the Photography Business Podcast Community”, our emails will now be signed as a part of the Photography Business Vault, and if you’re on our email list, you’ll still receive ALL our updates about upcoming workshops, events, and news with the Vault and podcast.

I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS SHIFT, and I think it just makes the most sense with where we are headed with our education.

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