What the Instagram/Facebook Shutdown Should Teach ALL of Us


If there’s one thing we learned from Monday’s Instagram/Facebook shutdown, it’s that nothing is guaranteed. Both Instagram and Facebook could literally just disappear one day without any warning–just like this week’s shutdown. If we are ONLY using social media in marketing our businesses–what happens if one day it all disappears?

I’ve talked about this previously, (check out my interview with a photographer friend who’s Instagram account was disabled) and it’s still true:

If Instagram were gone tomorrow, where would my leads come from?

I think as creatives and small business owners, it’s easy for us to see Instagram as our main marketing avenue. Instagram’s free, photo based (which is great if you’re a photographer), and easy to use. SEO and website building are not as easy, and a LOT harder to market.

But, if that ONE avenue that we spend all our time in gets taken away, it’s important to have backups in place so potential clients can still find us.

Here are 3 ways to diversify your marketing:

  1. Referrals. This is probably one of the easiest ways to get new inquiries! Focus on getting involved with other vendors or like-minded creatives in your space that can refer clients to you. A trade secret of mine has been working with other photographers or vendors and offering them some type of incentive to refer people to me.
  2. Website. This one is tougher since it requires a bit of time to develop and build up. In the end, your efforts will be 100% worth it especially when something like the “social media apocalypse” happens again!
  3. Email list! Have you ever thought about building an email list of potential clients that you could talk to DIRECTLY every week? It’s possible, ESPECIALLY if you offer them something of value every time you shoot them an email!

There are so many other ways to brainstorm marketing yourself outside of social media like partnering with podcasts for advertisements, putting up flyers at a local coffee shop–you name it! These are worth looking into in case something like this ever happens again!

Be confident knowing that next time, you’ll be ready!

Listen to this episode for more tips on the 3 ways to mix up your marketing!

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