What Happens When God's Plan Doesn't Align with Yours


We may have grand plans for what we think our business should look like. But, what happens when the Lord closes a door? What happens when God’s plan for your business doesn’t align with yours?

I’ve been having hard discussions with the Lord recently asking him to guide my business in the direction he wants it to go. James and I have been praying through what I should be doing moving forward with the coming arrival of our son.

These are some of the uncertainties I’m facing as a new mom:

  • How to juggle being an involved mom while also providing much-needed income.
  • How to run a successful business without putting my kids on the back burner.

Even though I DO have a plan mapped out, the Lord keeps stepping in to say: “Not yet,” or “Hold up, I’m not done with you HERE yet.” So what do we do if God points us in a different direction than we expected?

Here are the 3 steps I take when I’m trying to discern God’s plan for my business:

  1. PRAY. And pray. And pray again. Also, dive into God’s Word to see what He’s trying to show us. How can we be more attuned to where He is actually leading us in this season?
  2. TRUST. I’m such a planner and a go-getter that it’s hard for me to sit down and trust that the Lord’s got it sometimes. Especially as freelancers who depend on income coming from consistent bookings.
  3. SEEK SUPPORT. Talk with someone about what you’re struggling with no matter what it is. That’s what friends and wiser women/men in the church are there for!

When your mind is overwhelmed by “what if” questions such as “What if inquiries stop coming in?” or “What if no one books?”, remember this:

It always works out. The Lord knows you better than anyone, and he’s got a great plan that we just can’t see yet. Even if your inquiries are slow or you’re feeling stressed about next year’s finances–we need to continue to trust that the Lord has it. He will come through!

Listen through the entire episode as we talk about what to do when your plan might not align with what God’s got for you. BE ENCOURAGED today!

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