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Facebook Ads–they are SO confusing! I get it. If you’re already using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. to promote your creative business, when should you add Facebook Ads to the mix? How do you even know where to begin?

Or maybe you’ve run Facebook Ads before and had absolutely NO luck with them. I’ve seen many people struggle with ads as creative entrepreneurs and I don’t blame them. They. Are. COMPLICATED.

My previous corporate job trained me in strategizing Facebook Ads, so using that plus utilizing them in my own biz–I have some great tips to share with you! These are the  tips and tricks that have WORKED for me and my mentorship students, and hopefully will work for you too!

Here are my Top 6 Tips for diving into designing Facebook Ads for your creative business

  1. Use the “Facebook Ads Manager” tool. DO NOT USE THE BOOSTER OR INSTAGRAM BOOST FEATURE. In the Ads Manager you can use the tools to specifically target the leads you desire.
  2. There are two types of leads to focus on with ads: cold leads and warm leads. With new people, or cold leads, you need to build trust before converting them to the “big” sale.
  3. Warm leads require a different message and different targeting. A warm lead is someone who has previously interacted with you via social media, previous ads, or from a Facebook group. These leads already know who you are so this is where you sell the juicy stuff!
  4. Structure your ad copy: hook, description of product, captivating image, and a Call to Action. The hook should be something that stops people from scrolling!
  5. Put money forward and let the ads run. Sometimes ads can run for months at a time if you want them continuously shown to people such as an ad regarding a service/product that you always offer.
  6. A brief word on A/B Testing. A/B Testing basically means testing for the BEST ad. No matter how great you think your ad may be, if it doesn’t perform well, then it isn’t working for you. A/B Testing is basically creating similar ads for the same audience, but testing one variable between the two (like the image). So the caption and CTA are the same, but the images are different. Next, you can test the caption as the variable where the two ads have the same image and CTA, and so on.

I hope you can implement these tips today and have success with your ads! Ultimately though, if you’re still feeling really confused, don’t rule out hiring an expert to help you out! It’s money well worth spending if you’re struggling in the inquiry or booking game!

This episode is basically a crash course on the top things I think you need to know as you think about ads. Listen to this episode twice if you need to!

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