How to Be Your Client's Friend While Also Staying Professional


So much of my business’ messaging is that I am not just another vendor–I am my client’s FRIEND. Even if we’ve just met, I’m there to support them through some of the most stressful planning of their lives! Being friends with our clients is such a huge blessing we get to have in this business of ours!

The line between friend and client can be SO EASILY crossed if boundaries are not established from the very BEGINNING. This includes not only your services, but also the exact role that you play in their planning. There’s something to be said about being friends with your clients. But, letting clients take advantage of you should never be allowed.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can establish that friendship with your clients. AND maintain the necessary boundaries to remain professional, stay strong in your policies, and not allow clients to walk all over you!

How to Be Your Client’s Friend

  1. Start the friendship with that first meeting. I tell prospective clients during our first video call that I want to be their friend, and that they are VERY important to me! I want them to know they will be taken care of and that it’s going to be a fun process!
  2. Send a questionnaire after the call. Questionnaire answers give me a great perspective on who these people are so I can better understand them the next time we meet.
  3. Send a fun “Elopement Guide” magazine in the mail. This includes what they can expect in working with me, our step-by-step process, and my best tips for planning a successful adventurous elopement!
  4. Meet up for dinner. I always fly out a day early to make room for dinner with the couple the night before. It’s a great way to go over final details for the elopement, and get to meet them in person!
  5. Send a fun slideshow. After the elopement, I send a fun slideshow and their final gallery with a special discount for an album!

No matter what, I ALWAYS try to go above and beyond for clients that choose to work with me. I want to make sure that they know I see them, I understand them, and that I WANT to work with them!

Having a friendship that gives my clients the experience of a lifetime is something that I will NEVER stop valuing. It’s an amazing gift to provide in this process!

You can listen to more of my heart for my clients and the little things I do that make the biggest differences in our relationship on this episode.

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