3 Steps to Facing Self-Doubt and Growing Confidence in Your Business


We all go through it–those sudden feelings of self-doubt when we wonder if we are even good enough to do our job. The lies creep in as we ask ourselves: Am I REALLY good enough for this job? Am I a good photographer? Am I a good business owner? You name it! The self-doubt that continues to enter our heads telling us we are inadequate can actually affect our business more than we realize.

I get it, because I often feel it too! No matter how long you have been running your business or how successful you may be, encountering these thoughts from time to time is inescapable.

So how exactly are we supposed to face this self-doubt or imposter syndrome that causes such harm to not only our mental health, but also to our business?

Here are three easy steps to help us face the self-doubt we might experience, and how we can further grow our confidence in the work that we do and the lives that we change!

3 Steps to Face Self-Doubt

Step 1: stop comparing yourself to others. A practical way to combat your comparison blues is to take a step back from the platforms that trigger that comparison. Focus instead on how much you love your business!

Step 2: join a community of like-minded people to talk about it. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to and let out all of our insecurities or problems. (trust me, there is a community for you!)

Step 3: own your confidence in your work. OWN that you are worth your pricing. Because if you don’t believe it, your clients won’t either. We have to believe in ourselves!

Don’t let these lies tear you down from your true potential. God gave you this passion and career as a gift for a reason. Be confident in who you are, the product and service that you provide, and the lives you can impact in this job of yours!

Here is the full pep talk on Facing Self-Doubt and Growing Confidence in Your Business!

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