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Struggle with making your pricing guide? Or have no idea what a pricing guide even IS? We’re going over how you can actually use your pricing guide to REINFORCE the sale that you make in your client meeting!

Having a pricing guide is so valuable for your business. It provides you with a tangible document (or webpage) you can send to your inquiries that doesn’t just list the pricing and packages. The guide also serves as a tool to help you turn that inquiry into a booked client!!

I firmly believe that having a pricing guide in my client inquiry workflow has been a GAMECHANGER for how I book clients. It informs them about what to expect in working with me, AND it reinforces the sale for when they hop on the phone and are ready to book!

If you’re sitting there thinking: “I have no idea what a pricing guide is or what to even include in it,” then here are

6 tips that you can utilize to make it happen:

  1. Create an orphaned website page or PDF link to send to your client for easy access! Making this simple and accessible will save your clients a step in convenience, and also show how professional you are! The easier it is for them to find it, the better!
  2. Share your WHY to your ideal client FIRST. As soon as your client opens your pricing guide, you should have a fun message that slowly helps them start to gain trust and confidence in you.
  3. Share images that speak directly to your ideal client–PROVE that what you are saying is true!!
  4. List your pricing from most expensive first to least expensive. This eliminates price shock and is statistically proven to “lessen the blow” when they get to your average package.
  5. Have testimonials!! Brides trust other brides. Clients trust other clients. It’s a very easy sales tactic, but one that is very effective.
  6. Make sure that every image, every sentence, and every page of your guide is easily navigated and made with your target audience in mind.

Listen to this entire episode for more details on the inquiry process and how to create your own pricing guide NOW!!

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