Inquiries are the life-blood of our business. Leads are what keep the business coming in, and puts bookings on our schedule. But, what happens when we don’t have enough inquiries, and how exactly do we get more?

This episode goes over 4 Helpful Tips that have helped MY inquiry game, and what you can apply to your business to help you bring in those potential leads to your inbox!

Here are 4 Practical Ways to Generate Leads and Get More Inquiries:

  1. Marketing: Your marketing strategy needs to be just that–strategic. WHAT you share with the world, WHERE you share it, and HOW you share it. How do YOU stand out to those ideal clients of yours so they feel led to reach out to you?
  2. Referrals: Ever thought of reaching out to other vendors to see if you can get on their referral list? 40% of the specific inquiries I get are for two wedding venues where I am listed as a preferred photographer.
  3. Facebook Groups: Join groups specific to your industry where you can interact and share your work!
  4. Advertising: Not only is getting published by certain blogs a great way to get the word out about who you are and why you’re awesome, but also PAYING for marketing space on those blogs!

How I get leads and inquiries, and more importantly, how I attract my DREAM client is by far the #1 question I get asked by both my mentees and fellow small business owners.

Even though my very simple and straightforward tips can help resolve this roadblock in your business–I must remind you of one thing.

In order to get the clients you want, you have to put in the work! If you do your best and are wise with how you go about marketing your services, the clients will come. AND these new leads will include more of your ideal clients!

Listen for these practical ways to start getting more leads into your inbox.

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