BOUNDARIES: Why They Matter and How to Live by Them


Boundaries. Oh man, they are difficult to create, and even harder to maintain! But, they are SO important for the health of your business! Not just for your business, but for YOU as well.

Whenever I feel like all I do is work and there isn’t an end in sight, I do a self-check analyzing how I’m doing with maintaining boundaries. This is the first step to getting your life back and not working 24/7! It all starts with not just setting boundaries, but actually sticking to them.

Here are 5 practical ways you can start setting boundaries in your business:

  1. Set a weekly to-do list.
  2. Say “No” to projects that will cause you mental harm.
  3. Schedule your days off!! Try to take at least two days off each week.
  4. Set “work hours” for your office days.
  5. STICK to these rules!

That internal struggle as freelancers will always be present. We wonder, “But am I going to book enough this year?” “If I reject this project, does that mean I won’t book the next one?”

Believe me, I think we ALL go through this. But, for the sake of your mental and physical health, sticking to your boundaries is going to do far more good than accepting every project.

Everyone’s boundaries will look different based on what their livelihood and family looks like. Nonetheless, these 5 practical ways have helped me stay on track with what needs to get done while also allowing me to HAVE A LIFE!

Listen to the full episode for 3 more bonus boundaries I use that I would recommend!

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