Do you ever struggle with putting your phone down when you’re supposed to be on vacation? Are you thinking about your business 24/7 even when you’re supposed to plan a vacation and relax?

On today’s podcast episode, I’m talking to you directly.

Not only do you NEED a break, but it is NECESSARY for the success of your business. Burnout is real, and when you’re running low on batteries you can start to make avoidable mistakes.

This is hard for me too! I don’t want to stop when I’m on a roll or feeling the pressure of finances or comparison. That’s where rest steps in to save the day!

These are my best tips to plan a vacation that you will actually enjoy:

  1. Tell your clients you’re leaving and update them on their project delivery. Or you can try to get those projects out before you leave so you don’t fall behind once you return.
  2. AUTOMATE! Schedule your Instagram posts, blogs, and set a vacation away message in your email.
  3. Plan a day to enjoy where you are or scout for future elopement or wedding locations.

Taking a break is so important because it may be exactly what we need to rejuvenate so that we have energy to go back to work. So, once you set the boundaries for your vacation, make sure that you stick to them!

Listen to THIS podcast episode for more tips on how to take a break WELL.

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