Many of you have asked what it’s really like to be a traveling wedding photographer while leaving my home and my husband for days on end. In this episode, I’m getting real on what it’s actually like for me, and how we try to balance our crazy schedules as much as possible.

All I ever wanted for my business was to get paid to see beautiful places and let my creative juices flow for my couples in gorgeous locations. Balancing a crazy traveling wedding photographer schedule with having a husband at home has been quite the difficult task. Traveling is very fun and exciting, but it also comes with sacrifices–some more tough than others.

When I switched to full time, I was hit with a few hard realities:

  • Traveling for a living is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.
  • It can be difficult to balance a home life and keep up routines once you return.
  • You will not see your family or be able to attend church as much as you may like.

Here are a few of the trial and error changes I have made in order to make my life and my time with my husband more balanced:

  1. Value the time that you have at home by being super intentional.
  2. Keep up with your spouse or loved ones while you are away.
  3. Block out time when you DO NOT plan any travel so you can rest and reconnect.
  4. Do not travel for more than five days at a time whenever possible.

I go over all of these honest truths, feelings, and tips in THIS episode! I hope it inspires you to travel with intentionality so that you can enjoy it so much more!

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