Thinking of going full-time, but not quite sure when the “right” time is? We’re talking alllll about it today. I go through my personal experience of when I went full-time and the 5 Requirements that helped me figure out when to take that not-so-scary leap into having a career that’s truly mine!

Whether you’re working a part-time job or simply starting a business from home, there are many questions that can arise as you get started:

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then you’re working your way towards making this business dream of yours a reality! One where you can work from home on your own schedule, as your own boss, and as the entrepreneur and dreamer that you’ve always been.

These are the 5 Requirements I needed before transitioning my business to full-time:

  1. You’re making enough (or will be/can be) to pay your bills and live a comfortable life.
  2. You’re too busy from having a part-time job and it is affecting your client experience.
  3. Your part-time job isn’t allowing you to put the time needed into your business.
  4. You’re exhausted and overworked.
  5. You’ve got the mindset to KEEP GOING and the COMMITMENT to make sure it happens.

Listen to THIS episode to hear HOW I put these 5 Requirements into action!

Is NOW your time to JUMP? I would love to support you on that journey!

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