If you feel like you’re drowning in work and you just can’t keep up with the growth of your business…then this episode is SOOO for you. I go through steps to take when it’s actually time to consider adding someone to your team, and what happens if you DON’T hire help because you’re too scared to do so.

Hiring someone to help might seem like a scary thing. You may feel like you’re giving away a part of your business that you feel like only YOU can run, and you’re struggling to figure out how you can trust someone to take on these tasks for you. I get it.

I know it’s scary to let go of certain parts of your business.

But, if you DON’T hire someone to help you out, you might experience any of the following 3 Possible Harmful Outcomes:

  1. Burnout: so many small business owners quit within the first five years simply because they were too tired.
  2. Less time with family: the more you work, the less time you will have for the most important things in life.
  3. Struggling client experience: if you feel like you can’t sustainably keep up then details will start to slip through the cracks.

By hiring someone to help you, you’ll be less likely to experience burnout, have more time with your family, and also provide a better client experience. Plain and simple!

Even though it can be scary giving tasks away for someone else to cover in your business, it’s NECESSARY for having a successful and SUSTAINABLE business. Just imagine the amount of FREE TIME you will have to brainstorm and grow your business once your outsource some of your work!

There are so many possibilities for who you can hire and ways that you can get your life back!!!

With good systems and strategies in place, it can only be a good thing for your business if you hire people to help you out.

LISTEN HERE for how to make this happen!!

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