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When those comparison blues hit, sometimes it’s hard to get out of the struggle. Today, I’m talking from personal experience as a girl going through the blues herself on 3 ways I’m trying to beat the comparison blues.

I haven’t been as active on Social Media lately – obviously in light of the big news I shared and the giant changes happening in my life. This has in-turn lead to a decline in my social media engagement, and also my followers which has caused a slump of comparison.

While I always preach to NEVER let your follower account determine your value, it doesn’t mean that we never feel some type of worth from it. 

Since I’ve been in this season recently, and am also currently working my way out of it, I’ve decided to try these three things to help me get out of the comparison slump I’m in right now. 

  1. Take a break from scrolling, and schedule out your posts instead. 
  2. Mute the friends that you’re comparing yourself to the most. Mute instead of unfollow if you have actual relationships with these folks and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Start following people outside of your industry instead!
  3. Do something that drives your passion and creativity! Do it for the sake of having FUN and getting back into your creative jive and juices!

And overall, if you’re looking for ways to beat your own comparison blues, take time off from social and focus on what TRULY matters. What matters most are the clients you’re booking, and the lives you’re impacting through your services—not your Instagram followers or engagement count!

You can listen to this comparison blues pep talk and many other small business-owner tips whenever you need to right HERE.

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