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So let’s paint a scenario. You’re getting inquiries consistently, you’re sending them your pricing guide, but they aren’t booking you at the rate you’d like them to.

Is it your pricing? Are you too expensive?

Was it the fact that they found someone else that’s better?

The truth is, neither of those are probably the “real” case of why they are ghosting you.

More often than not, the reason they don’t book is because they haven’t seen the VALUE that you’re providing for them.

So if you’re website wasn’t enough to convince them, how are we supposed to convince them that we are the BEST and ONLY option for them – no matter the price?

The trick is to get them in a client meeting with a gameplan. One that is ready to get them on board with you, and speaks directly to their gut feeling.

Today, I’m going to give you some tips on how to host a client consultation meeting, and how to further explain this value of yours to your prospective clients so they are ready to book by the end of the call.

  1. Get them on FaceTime. I know, it’s scary showing your face to someone new and believe me – I was TERRIFIED to do this when I was starting out. But if you go in with confidence (maybe have a glass of wine before you hop on), and you go in ready to meet them and learn all about them, you’re going to have a BLAST – especially if you click right away with them because they are you’re ideal client!
    FaceTime is important though, more so than a phone call. Because you want them to see your face, to get personal with you, to KNOW you, and you vice versa. For them to feel like they are being heard and seen. It automatically builds trust with this couple and they are able to put that trust towards eventually booking you when considering all the photographers they talked to.
    So, how do you get them on a meeting? Send them a call link as soon as they inquire. End your email with a call to action – are you free this Monday at all to chat? Let me know! And have them use the link you provide (honey book has one) to schedule a time that works best so they can chat with you ASAP. Call links are helpful because they avoid unnecessary back and forth emails.
  2. Have a gameplan for the meeting. This means having a script or agenda for your meeting so that YOU are the one in control, and you’re not just going off on a whim. Here’s the gameplay I use:
    1. Ask them how they’re doing and get to know them small talk. Then ask about their love story, how they met, how they got engaged. Make them feel heard and seen.
    2. Ask them why they are deciding to elope/have a big wedding
    3. Tell them a little bit about who you are and explain your WHY for shooting elopements or big weddings.
    4. Tell them your main values in shooting and what they can expect when working with you.
    5. Ask for any questions and then talk about logistics of their day and which package stood out to them.
    6. Tell them you’re going to send a proposal and you can’t wait to work with them. IMPORTANT! Tell them you’re excited to work with them AS IF they are going to book!!! Confidence is EVERYTHING! If you use passive terminology here like “I hope to hear from you soon!”, that gives them permission to dismiss you as an option. STAND STRONG!
    7. Send proposal and followup with them after 3, 7, and 14 days.

If you can do this well and clearly define your WHY and VALUES and also what it’s like to work with you all in one (like we talked about in tips for higher paying clients), then your couple will see you as the BEST and ONLY option for their wedding day. And that’s ultimately what you want.

Not every couple will book. But I guarantee you more will be booking than if you didn’t use this process!

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