How do you structure who you are? 

Who are you?

Are you a photographer? Wife? Daughter? Mother? 

All of these are questions we’ve probably asked ourselves at one point, and have found our identity in.

But what about the bigger picture?

What about being MORE than just a photographer? Because that’s a great way to make money. But money isn’t eternal.

I like to think of the bigger picture – and Alyssa with Rooted talks about this a lot. 

Instead of thinking of your occupation, or being a photographer, as your main identity of who your are, see instead as your occupation. The avenue you use to serve others and also support a living for yourself.

Next, let’s look at your calling. While being a photographer, what has the Lord CALLED you to? What are your gifts and strengths?

For me personally, some of my gifts are to lead and make sure others feel seen and loved. That’s something that runs deep into who I am and what I love getting to do IN this occupation.

But my calling is not my identity either. I don’t identify as a leader – and I think to some degree if we find our WHOLE identity in our calling, it can also get dangerous. Imagine thinking being a leader is your only identity – it could easily become more about “power” instead of “helping others”.

But to combine the two together – your occupation, your calling, and who you are in the LORD, are things that can help you categorize and structure who you are.

By JUST being a photographer is a worldly outlook on identity.

By JUST being a leader can be dangerous and selfish.

Instead, remember to look at the big picture which is: The LORD has called you go be a leader and serve others, make them feel known and seen in photography or your education that you offer – which will in turn GROW his kingdom further and bring others to know him.

THAT’S what matters most. Making disciples of all nations, and serving the CALLING that the Lord has placed on your life. And as we’ve discussed before- even if you’re not working in ministry in the church, your Job can still be ministry. 🙂

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