You’ve probably heard this term before, but what does it actually mean?

What is your “why” and how do you find it?

Let me paint a picture of 2 different sales pitches and you tell me which one makes more sense to you.

  1. I’m an elopement photographer who takes pictures of couples getting married around the globe.
  2. I help couples make the unique vision of the way they want to get married come to life and give them the precious gift reliving every single emotion, moment, and memory of the day for years to come.

…Which one would you hire?

What’s the reason behind this?

The reason is because I shared my “why”. My why is to provide couples with the BEST experience of eloping in beautiful places around the globe – making it an adventure and something that is TRULY them – and also giving them photos that are authentically and uniquely them.

I’m speaking of the PASSION of what comes in an experience of working with me – how I actually care about the authentic moments, the emotions, and I want to tell the story well. But more than that – I also want to make this the least stressful process and help them plan their day the way they envisioned it.

Simon Sinek wrote a book on this call “Find Your Why”, and if you’re not sure what your why is you should go read it. 

But what are some practical ways we can find our why, and then how do we explain that in our marketing?

Here are 3 tips to help you find your why and how to explain it.

  1. Why do you get up every single day to go to work and do what you do. If you’re a photographer, what gets you out of bed in the morning? What was the BEST wedding or elopement you ever shot? What made it that way? 
    1. Reflect on some of the best moments of your job and WHY it matters so much to you. Why did these best moments become the BEST to you – what fires you up in this business?
    2. What are you passionate about in photography? What impact do you want to leave on your clients? What fires you up?
  2. What sets you apart from other photographers? And WHY does it set you apart? What are your values?
    1. Here are my top values that I explain in every client meeting:
      1. My edit style – why I edit the way I do
      2. My Posing style – how I direct you to get the most authentic photos
      3. My friendship with my clients – I value being friends before clients.
      4. Getting married the way you want without anyone else’s say. Making the day authentically about your love story.
      5. Explain the contribution you’ll make, and the impact/transformation they’ll have.
  3. Once you’ve discovered your passions, then it’s time market this to your ideal client. If it’s not your ideal client, it’s not worth it.
    1. The Golden Circle: Explain the WHY first, then the HOW, then the WHAT.
    2. Website: Have an experience page. Talk about your values and talk about your process – HOW the process of working with you will look like. Then talk about the offer and what you can do for them.
    3. Instagram: Captions should be targeted at your target audience – explain something that you would want your ideal client to hear, something that will resonate with them greatly.
    4. Client Meetings: Explain to them your values, ask them why they are deciding to have the elopement or wedding they have planned, and align with them on their values.

If you can do all of these things and truly take time to sit down and figure out what your true “Why” is, you’ll be booking not only more of the clients that you want, but HIGHER PAYING clients as well.

You can charge more for someone who feels like they HAVE to have you. It’s a crazy thing.

All that to say – while money is important, it’s also important to realize the IMPACT you are going to be creating in your clients lives. The transformation experience and impact they will have with working with you. 

SHOW them the value of working with you.

If you can communicate that and truly understand that with everything in your being, you’ll be on the right track to continuously attracting and booking your ideal clients and making the money you need in your business.

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