I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be financially free.

Most of us probably think it means having enough money to do what we want and live a stress-free life.

And while that may be true (even though I don’t think we can totally eliminate any possibility of stress in our lives), I think it means more than that.

Have you ever wondered why you’re making the money you are right now?

Are you putting it towards bills? Are you saving some of it? If you’re saving, why are you saving? Are you planning on working until you retire when you’re in your 50’s or 60’s?

What if I told you that to me, Financial Freedom means being able to live like we’re retired – with enough money for our family, but also money to help others, build a life with our future children, and to live completely in an “abundance” mindset instead of a “scarcity” one.

An abundance mindset means you know you’ll always have enough money to get you by – you’re never really stressed out about paying your bills or thinking you have enough to live.

A scarcity mindset means you’re constantly stressing and afraid that you don’t have enough and you never will to sustain your life, pay your bills, and life a financial free life.

I’ve been in both of these before – but being in the abundance mindset is such a freeing one. Not stressing over when your next paycheck comes in has POWER.

And guess what the good news is?

As an entrepreneur, the limit is ENDLESS on what you can accomplish with your income. 

Start looking into diversifying your income with things like passive income items including PDF guides, online courses, templates, creative art, and so much more. 

There are so many possibilities to make this goal of Financial Freedom happen.

I think so often we get caught up in the working and the doing and the hustling that we forget to enjoy our life and the time that we have left with our loved ones.

So Financial freedom means more than just having money to live, it means having enough money to not be working 24/7 but only when you want to be.

It means having money to pay your bills but also help others without breaking the bank.

It means having money to invest and put away in the future.

It means having money to buy vacations and luxury items for you and your family.

It means having more TIME with your family and those that you love.

Financial freedom is so much more than just making enough money. It is actually truly life changing to be making enough to not just pay the bills, but to LIVE your FULLEST life and BLESS others with it as well.

You can create an impact with the money you make. Don’t accept this challenge lightly.

But I know we can do it. It’s possible and completely obtainable.

We just need a little bit of planning, doing, and trust in the Lord to make it happen. 

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