Photographers- this is for you.

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, and you want to travel around and take pretty photos of amazing people, listen up.

You’re probably listening to this and wanting to grow your business to be an adventurous traveling elopement/wedding photographer, but you have NO idea how to even start that process, or what it even looks like.

Well, I wanted to give you some fun tips today on what I’ve learned in this process (since 90% of my photography work is outside of my home town) and some advice if you’re thinking of diving into this realm.

If you’d like to travel to places like Yosemite, Moab, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, you name it – there are some things to do before that happens.

Here are my top 3 tips to make this happen:

  1. If you’re claiming to be a traveling wedding photographer, you have to show it. 
    1. Plan styled shoots and go places to build your travel portfolio. Workshops are also a great chance to do this because they plan these fun shoots for you. But in order to be CONSIDERED a traveling photographer, you have to show it.
  2. Market yourself in specific places. 
    1. If you’d like to do more work in Utah, then fly to Utah, build up some portfolio work, and the market the HECK out of it. Hashtag yourself as Utah wedding photographer, Moab wedding photographer, and be posting this work continuously to your marketing outlets. 
    2. Put on social media, put on blogs for SEO purposes, USE EVERY PHOTO AT LEAST 3x in your marketing platforms. Milk it. And do this for other various locations. 
  3. Be the EXPERT in that specific location – be able to offer tips and knowledge to prospective clients.
    1. Share on social media and on a blog some fun tips for getting married in Moab. 
    2. Share some of your favorite spots to have a ceremony in Yosemite. 
    3. These things will get you noticed and also make you look like the expert.

Okay, but now you’re probably wondering – how do I get PAID to travel?

Well, here is a quick tip:

  1. Include your travel pricing in your package price. Make it 1 price that you give them in a bundled format. 
  2. Take the average of what you think it will cost you to stay for 2 nights, get a plane ticket, and a rental car, and then add that cost to the package price.
  3. Even if you end up paying more for travel, it balances out at the end of the year with other trips (some dates are less expensive to travel than others).

But I do want to say one final thing:

Traveling is a lot of fun – but is also not for everyone. Here’s what I mean:

Travel can be exhausting. There is a lot of unexpected things that can come up like flight cancellations, busy travel days, reschedules, and many more. Airport food can also get really old real quickly. 

The other thing is that when you travel for 90% of your work like I do, understand that there is a sacrifice there as well. You don’t get to be with your family very often, sometimes you miss church on Sundays (although, I try and fly home Sunday morning so I can attend a night service), and you DEFINITLEY don’t get to be home as much.

This is something to be prepared for, but you can also set boundaries and limitations with this as well. Maybe you only do 1 trip a month, or 2 trips every 5 months. Whatever works for you, your family, and your scheduled should be considered.

So be prepared for the unexpected, and be flexible. Be prepared, and talk to your family about this venture if you’re serious about it, and make sure they are onboard with you as well.

There are MANY more things I could go into on this topic like best travel credit cards, the businesses I use to travel, etc. But I don’t want to overwhelm you too much. If you have more questions on this, ask in our FB group and start a convo! There are many ways to travel and do things!

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