How many of you feel like you aren’t supposed to be here? 

You aren’t a real photographer because you didn’t go to college for photography?

You’re not a real graphic designer because you don’t have a major in creative graphic design?

Well, this fear of being  a fraud that you’re experiencing – it’s a lie. And it’s holding you back!

If you’re living in this mindset of being “not supposed to be here”, you’re confidence and the service you offer will be affected.

I remember when I got started with photography and my business. So here’s my journey:

I grew up with a camera, but was always an amateur

I was a Media Communications major for a hot sec, but switched

When I bought my first camera (rebel t3i), I used it for everything

So while I had this experience with my camera, I didn’t know how to shoot in manual

I upgraded my gear and began to teach myself – and people asked me for senior portraits ($50 was a lot of money for a broke college kid like me)

Then I got asked to shoot my first wedding in 2016 for $500. 

Got a marketing 9-5 job for a year with photography on the side

I would go to shoots and have moments of panic thinking “I have no idea what I”m doing” – I felt like I didn’t deserve what these people were paying me

Even when I quit my job and jumped in part-time to my business and shooting more weddings, I still felt like asking for thousands of dollars for a career I didn’t go to school for was unfair. I felt like a fraud.

But here’s the thing. The photos I delivered to my clients- they LOVED them. And I lost site of what matters most – serving the client well and making sure they feel seen and loved in this process

I began to struggle with raising my pricing. I still felt like I wasn’t worth thousands of dollars.

This held me back from a year of more money I could have been making and investing in my business, because I was indeed worth that, but I didn’t think I was

It held me back from progressing my business further, because I was scared people wouldn’t pay that price 

I was scared I wasn’t worth what I was charging, I was scared that my services weren’t great.

Your pricing should be growing based on what you’re booking.

For a long time, I kept booking more and more projects but I didn’t raise my pricing. Because I was scared

Here’s why your fear might be holding you back from succeeding bigger and better things for your business:

1. YOUR TIME is also VALUABLE – not just your service

I encourage you to sit down and truly plan out how many hours it takes you to complete one project – from inquiry to delivery. 

For me, it takes around 40+ hours for 1 project. 

That’s 40 hours I’m away from my husband, I’m away from doing other things to grow my business, and time that I need to be compensated for financially.

Any other job that pays hourly or salary is compensated based on how many hours you work in a week or year. So why is this any different?

Charge what you’re worth not just on your service, but also on the amount of time you put in to each client and project. Don’t be afraid to do that

2. You were placed here because you were given a PASSION to serve in this way. And you’re completely capable to do this.

Everyone starts somewhere. We are all still growing and perfecting our skill.

You don’t have to have the PERFECT skills to get started with your business.

You should always want to seek to do better – to invest in education, keep growing, and keep learning to serve your clients better

The Lord gave you this passion for a reason, and if he lead you to start this business for a reason, it’s actually DISOBEDIENT to not follow-through on his plan for your life.

But, if you’re already here and have clients that love you and your service, then YOU ARE CAPABLE.

3. Confidence is KEY to success

If you’re not confident in yourself and what you offer, your clients won’t be confident either.

Go into client meetings KNOWING your worth and value, and communicate that well, and they will be more likely to book you.

By not communicating that you are the best and right option for them, you’re losing out on business you could’ve had if you had only shown them how confident you are.

You are in this business for a reason. The Lord put this on your heart for a reason. Don’t ignore that.

You don’t need a college degree to be considered a “professional” at what you do.

You don’t need 10k followers on instagram to be considered a “professional” at what you do.

All you need is to show your service with value, serve people well, continue to learn and grow as an entrepreneur, and let that fear of being a fraud SIT DOWN.

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